List of Caches in Numerical Order:
-By Date Found / Hidden

7 Total Hidden
GC689D Nobleton Stumpy
GC8274 Cold Creek Bog Trail
GC9F0F Strange Short-Cut
GCG3CX GHMCMC Stage 14: Going Up? Coming Down!!!
GCG4VM Kiosk Trestle Rapids
GCGCTP (Archived) Pub at the Jug (The Toby Jug)
GCGPRY Burnt Island Lake Cache

198 Total Found
GC2B4 Deer Bait
GC4A7 Short-cut to the old cabin
GC5A7 The Dingle
GCC60 Woodlot Promenade
GCE18 (Archived) Stroll along the River
GCE34 Five stops on the road to "knowhere"
GCFFD (Archived) DingBat Treasure
GC10B5 "Nothing Better To Do"
GC13EF Hiking in Hungry Hollow
GC1444 Lost Baby Joe's Cache (Algonquin Park)
GC1502 Guild Geocache (c)
GC15A6 Sencache 001 - Rouge Park A
GC1663 Rockway
GC177A High Park I (Ontario,Canada)
GC18CD Avro Airport
GC1DAA D.O.G. in Woodend
GC1E7A Natures Preserve
GC1EB4 Teacher's Lesson
GC200C Hey, I like your "stile"
GC24E9 (Archived) Urban Ravine (Ontario, Canada)
GC28E1 Toronto Urban Micro Cache
GC2EE6 Fitness Stroll
GC2EF3 Silver Creek Find
GC2F45 (Archived) Myles In Redhill
GC31A7 What time is it?
GC322A Lest we Forget...
GC3234 Highland Creek Trek
GC32A4 (Archived) What's That Smell - A Microcache in the Market
GC33AE Lord Bathurst
GC33C8 WestDean Park Cache
GC33F7 Primrose Bruce
GC33F9 The Hundred's Steps (of Newmarket)
GC342B Hickory Hike
GC3515 Adventures in the Badlands
GC35D6 The Devil Made Us Do It
GC3678 Infestation in Orangeville
GC3C7B Timberframer's Delight
GC3CEF Claire's Playground
GC3D12 Geocache
GC40F5 Walk the Dog (AKA Zap! part II)
GC41D4 The Lucky Cacher Cash Cache
GC4289 Alotta's Treasure
GC42E6 Bug House by the Humber
GC4574 (Archived) (Toronto) Uptown Canyon Post
GC4578 (Archived) (Toronto) Ancient Lakeshore
GC457A (Toronto) Urban Blackhole
GC457B (Archived) (Toronto) Definately not the Airport
GC457C (Archived) (Toronto) Poke the Prize
GC45B1 Canadian Base Network
GC4733 High on Credit
GC473E Hannah's First Hike
GC49C7 Railroad & Train Locationless: Steam Locomotives
GC4A5A Railroad & Train Locationless: Depots
GC4B36 Milling Around
GC4B4B Railroad & Train Locationless: Cabooses
GC4D5A Colonel Sam's Park
GC4D5E Arboretum
GC4E5A (Archived) Birds of a Feather
GC4F48 The Bird Walk
GC4FBD Mullett Creek Peek
GC50B8 To Catch A Theif
GC50BD (Archived) Waldorf Waltz
GC50C5 Mission to Merton
GC5181 Lambton Woods
GC51E3 The High Track
GC5234 Second Line West Quest
GC5285 Water Towers, Plain Jane or Picturesque
GC540B "Z" Welcome Signs
GC5447 Lucy's Enniskillen Walk
GC54CC Stonehedge (a.k.a. Coyote Crossing)
GC5528 You Are Logged In
GC5559 Sharkey's First
GC55DD Roller coaster
GC5619 Pefferlaw Trail
GC5769 (Archived) Millenium Boardwalk
GC5773 I Spy
GC58C4 Mom & Pop Motel Cache
GC5985 Carousel Cache
GC5A25 The Birds
GC5AB9 (Archived) A Troll in Smokey's Hollow
GC5B1C Monumental Bridge
GC5BC8 Victoria Day Trilliums
GC5C78 Kids Toys
GC5D46 East Don Parklands
GC5F88 Mill Pond Historic Site
GC6069 The Old City Hall Message
GC6244 The Highlands Hideaway Cache
GC6292 A Different Point of View
GC6356 OPO
GC6357 Multilingual
GC66DE Money, money, money
GC677E Barnie Cleans the Dog House
GC691C North To Freedom
GC6B64 Canadian GeoQuilt Project - Orangeville/Erin
GC6C13 First Post - Toronto
GC6C91 Higher Learning
GC6EF2 New Name; New Location
GC701B Brock, Brock Ridge Park
GC760F (Archived) World cup
GC7694 (Archived) No Jumping, No Diving
GC77E2 All About Mary
GC7AB9 Mill Pond Part Deux
GC7ACF Bowl of Confusion
GC7AE5 Prison Camp
GC8045 Pasture in the Jungle
GC806A Theory and Practice
GC812A Key Chains and Cars
GC82A6 Telly's Pot-Luck Microcache
GC84AA Cyber Cache
GC868F Fallen Pine Cache
GC880A Eau Claire Gorge
GC8DFC Guelph Area Geocachers And Friends Annual Picnic
GC8F8E (Archived) Whitby's Waterfront
GC9015 (Archived) GAGAFAP Ice-Breaker Cache: TrimblesTrek #1
GC9134 Lakeshore Loot
GC91B6 Sweet Sixteen
GC91B8 241
GC951D Cache Alpha
GC952B Dasies1
GC9690 (Archived) GAGAFAP Ice-Breaker Cache: Yorelken
GC96B3 (Archived) GAGAFAP Ice-Breaker Cache: Flick
GC96C7 (Archived) GAGAFAP Ice-Breaker Cache: Chinook's Champions
GC96F7 (Archived) J.A.R.S. Riverside Cache
GC96F9 Cooksville Creek
GC9722 GAGAFAP Ice-Breaker Cache: Princess Cache
GC987D The Green Bubble
GC98EC Uhthoff Trail Cache
GC9957 (Archived) Yet another Pub Night!
GC9BCE Toronto Carrying Place Cache
GC9CAF Calibration Point
GC9D26 Bridge Easter Cache
GCA27E Birchaven Cove
GCA2AA Toronto Queens Quay
GCA568 Just Off The Beaten Path
GCA569 Outdoor Ed.
GCA92B Sibbald Park Cache
GCAB4F Mailboxes (1 of a kind)
GCAF17 Please Water The Flowers
GCB332 Crooked Creek
GCB4A8 Area 51 - North of 49
GCB4ED Canadian Gravity Standardization Net
GCB59D Riverbank Walk
GCB710 Far From Home
GCB825 Laurier Woods
GCB89B Spud's Secret Stash
GCB95B Things That Are Blue!
GCBF56 Stone Carin near North Bay
GCC0A4 Thrail Trail Which Trail To Take!!!
GCC11F Parking on the Credit: Glen Williams
GCC120 Parking on the Credit: Eldorado
GCC122 Parking on the Credit: Credit Meadows
GCC123 Parking on the Credit: J.C.Saddington
GCC170 Keeping The Memory Alive
GCC1DE Parking on the Credit: Erindale
GCC287 Parking on the Credit: Belfountain
GCC288 Parking on the Credit: Island Lake
GCC3D3 (Archived) The Great Potato Head Multi-cache Hunt
GCC53B T.B.W.C. of 2003
GCC687 Parking on the Credit: Ken Whillans
GCC6C9 Parking on the Credit: Woollen Mill
GCC6CB Parking on the Credit: Charles Sauriol
GCC759 Parking on the Credit
GCC82E Milne Greetings Card Exchange
GCCAB5 Black Box #1
GCCB38 Lizzards from the Planet Loony
GCCCDF Camping At Sibbald
GCCD8A Black Box #2
GCCE5F Rawlinson Park Cache
GCD294 For the Love Bugs
GCD327 Graves By The Lake
GCD964 Bunny Hop
GCD96A The Turtles, Turtle Cache
GCD970 The Teeny Tiny Dino Cache
GCE176 Catch 22
GCE43B Loose Change
GCE43F A Tree With A View
GCE446 Halton Hills Trail Math
GCE574 Current Affairs
GCE578 No Rest for the Winded
GCE6F4 Sam Was Here
GCEC2D Wet-Lands Side Trail
GCEF41 Pining for Cache
GCF6DE Nokiiadaa on the River Cache
GCFA57 I Once Stood Tall
GCFF08 Coin Cache
GCFF5C You Spin Me Round
GCG09W BT1: 3 Bridges
GCG1F4 Happy Anniversary
GCG4RN Western Uplands
GCGCTP (Archived) Pub at the Jug (The Toby Jug)
GCGED9 (Archived) A Poacher Pub Night